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Tenshi-Do Martial Arts Karate School & Agility Centre is aimed at teaching anyone who wants to gain self-confidence, self-discipline and self-defence skills. 
The style of Martial Art is called Shito-Ryu Karate-do. It is one of the 4 main styles to come form Okinawa Japan, and the one made famous by "the karate kid" in the 80's.
The syllabus that has been created has adapted a practical sense to today's society. 
The kid's classes enhance their gymnastics skills to better defend themselves from bullies and falls
 in the playground, while the adult classes adapts
a more traditional side, encouraging self-awareness and self-confidence.


Head Instructor and Director of Organisation


"The natural elements of a person are often untapped, they only need to be shown the way "


 Tenshi-Do Martial Arts was established in 2009.

Chief Instructor Sensei Leigh-Jay Ascension started martial arts in 1990 as a 9-year old boy with a lot of flair and confidence and not knowing how to use up his energy.  


After starting in Judo he then moved to karate and studied traditional Okinawan Shito-Ryu and though it is the baseline of Tenshi-Do Martial Arts his teaching are modern to assist with relating the martial arts to this day and age.


A 3rd-degree black belt in Karate and a 2nd-degree black belt in weapons, trained in Acrobatics and Gymnastics, Theatre and Child Psychology Sensei Leigh-Jay has the skills and abilities to unlock every student's potential. 


He has been at the top of his game in Junior Tennis and Basketball as well as Gymnastics. A trained Yoga practitioner as well as Pilates, Boxing and Personal Trainer. His hunger for knowledge has taken him all over the world to be trained and to train others from London to Japan-Okinawa to the United States. 


The important thing to remember is he will never give up on a student and he will find a way to help them unlock their potential. Dubbed by his peers as the 'King of Kids' you can count on his kid's classes to be fun, educational and entertaining. While the adult classes are full of intricate movements from his knowledge and study of the human body in martial arts for nearly 30 years.


Sensei Leigh-Jay has dedicated his life to learning about martial arts and now his knowlege is yours.

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